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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  June 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon ever want. >> new job numbers out today and are getting a lot of attention on the presidential campaign. >> americans consider the
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economy the number-one issue. the u.s. added fewer than 70,000 jobs in may and the unemployment rate ticked upward by 0.1%. mitt romney says the president is mishandling the economy as he tries to put barack obama on the defensive. >> it is hard to call the 40 months of unemployment above 8% a success. >> today the president said that the economy still faces had wins including effects from the euros own crisis as well as high gasoline prices. and the number of jobs created in may is the fewest in a year as we mentioned. this is a surprise to a lot of economists. jason brooks from cbs money watch .com has those numbers and you will talk about the big downturn in the market that we saw today. >> the number stink. the labor department a downwardly revised numbers for march and april by a combined 49,000. but that in perspective, over
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the winter we were seeing gains of 1/4 of a million dollars per month. that has severely weakened over the spring. we're expecting to gain 150,000 in may and as you can see the unemployment rate jumped up from 8.1 to 8.2%. the market as a result is having its worst day of 2012. at the dow in negative territory. down 262 points. the nasdaq is falling by 73 and the s&p is off by 30. and it is not just a weak jobs report that is really worrying investors. you have the ongoing problems in europe, and whether or not greece will continue to stay on the euro. they will vote this month and that will be key. also the failing banking system in spain. may in fact was the worst month for the stock market in two years and already june is off to a terrible start. on top of all that news, you have slowing growth in china which has really been fuelling the global economy over the past few years.
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an awful time for the stock market right now. if there's any good news, the price of oil has dropped a few dollars so there may be some relief coming soon. >> how long we have to see this trend to become very worried about the economy? >> another month or two like this and we should be worried. it will basically show that employers have held off on hiring. and we do tend to see that sometimes during elections. there's a lot of caution and people are not sure which way the wind will blow and that could impact hiring but we do want to see the number picked up pretty quickly. >> absolutely. thank you. >> more financial woes, the city college of san francisco may be forced to close campuses. the chronicle reports of the community college system could have to make the cuts in order to retain full accreditation. the school faces a $40 million budget shortfall. the chancellor says that layoffs may also be necessary. the financial situation must master better after a historic e
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takeover in the '90s, there now debt-free. >> 20 years in the making and for years ahead of schedule. >> we have suffered for 20 years, having to pay the state of california back. and today is just the end of that journey. >> the west contra costa unified school district had one of the most historic debt in california. in 1991 the richmond unified school district filed for bankruptcy and plan to close until the state took over. >> having the opportunity to put this behind us, we believe gives the community a sense that they now own the district. >> school members past and present watched as they handed over this check. this news could not come at a better time with school bus should but it's a sensitive top, this could serve as a light at the end of the tunnel. >> a long tunnel for lawmakers in sacramento. california in the middle of the state budget crisis, school
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budgets across the state being cut and all eyes are now on november's election in the upcoming measure k vote. this is why ramsey says that school leaders need to learn from their example. >> other school districts must be aware that they need to do whatever they can to avoid being taken over by the state. if people thought that our situation was bad, if you have a state loan now, it is worse. >> he says that there are bigger issues at stake before now leaders are ready to look forward while keeping in mind the lessons of budgets passed. >> a house in the south bay being called a zero energy home. it looks like any other house on the outside but as ann mackovic shows us, inside there is a whole lot of high-tech features. >> it is very exciting. >> it may look like your average single-family dwelling but it is the first net zero energy home to be certified by the california energy commission. built in san jose by this man. >> the result of this technology
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that actually exist and most of the public does not really know. what is a net zero energy home? what is a passive house? >> it is a super insulated home that collects energy from solar panels. >> the heat from the hair dryer is circulated throughout the entire home. >> he recently posted as video on youtube, shutting off the heater and leaving a hair dryer on all night. when you return to the morning the house was 70 degrees. outside was almost freezing. after a cold february night. >> it turned me on. >> he felt that way since he started building his home four years ago. >> i found out about the idea and said that we have to build that. that is the future. and that is the law in california now. >> losses but the year 2020 all new residential construction in california has to be net zero energy. he says that a cost 10 to 50 percent more to build but the energy saved through high efficiency appliances, thick
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insulated walls, and triple pane windows, leaves enough solar energy to power an electric car for free. and a hair dryer also. >> hair dryer was a symbol for me and i thought, i think that reaches everyone to read you get the sense in your mind that it is not a number on a spreadsheet. it is a small amount of energy hitting it big building. >> other bay area headlines, arson investigators examining evidence including surveillance video after a pair of suspicious fires at a high school in san jose. the flames were reported to 30 a.m. at the evergreen valley high school. one fire in a dumpster in the other along side of the school's library. fortunately no one was hurt and students are currently on summer break. san francisco firefighters will honor two of their own who died in a line of duty. tomorrow will mark the one-year since vincent perez and anthony valero suffered fatal
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injuries while fighting a fire. it will dedicate a plaque for them at station 26 where they both worked. wild coyotes from the heart of san fransisco. >> people are spotting them in golden gate park including patrick. he came face-to-face with one. >> there must be a liar over there because i see that coyote right over there. >> more than just notices like this in the golden gate park. while kennedy's have moved in to stay. and as you can see on the cellphone video that i took yesterday, they're not afraid. >> i saw one the other morning. >> she walks through the park often and says that coyotes are getting old. >> they're not afraid. i was walking across the street and they just looked at me and kept going. not afraid at all. >> but they're hungry and not vegetarians of it will eat mice and swirls and eventually small animals like cats and dogs. shall keep them on leashes. unfortunately i see people with
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their dogs off leash. they're asking for trouble. >> she is careful to pick up pet food that they leave behind. >> it is important to not leave food left over so that the coyotes could either get the cats or the food. >> the spca says that if you see a coyote, do not approach it, do not see did, and keep your pets on a leash. reporting from golden gate park, cbs 5. >> once again, not a vegetarian. >> your name, your life, on facebook. now a social network wants you to weigh in on all those personal details. >> and why your choice could mean a new era for the 1 million users worldwide. >> the royal bash in britain for the queen's diamond jubilee. the security measures to protect her majesty and more than 1 million people who will be showing up for the big party. >> another gorgeous warm day all across the bay area in fact we across the bay area in fact we are already seeing a degree
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>> >> today the united nations' top human rights body voted to condemn syria over the killings of 100 civilians. 41 nations voted in favor of a resolution that blames the pro ridging elements and government troops for the massacre. the only countries voting no was russia, china, and cuba. the special envoy said that in london on he is frustrated with the continuing violence. >> voters in ireland have agreed by a wide margin to ratify the european union deficit reduction treaty. the vote got more than 60%. that relieves pressure on financial chief's as they try to contain the debt crisis. critics say that the tough deficit rules will not stimulate
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growth in ireland or other countries like portugal and greece that have received bail out in the past. british forces have launched the biggest royal security operation in history. >> the four day queen's diamond jubilee marks her six years on the throne. over the past month police and dogs have been scouring every inch of central london's 40 square miles in search of explosives. >> this will be bigger than the royal wedding in terms of the length of time is going on for. a full weekend and four days of celebrations. >> more than 1 million people expected to line the banks of the river tames with thousands more on the bridges. 13,000 security forces being positioned across london. >> facebook and/or personal details. the new vote that may change the social network. >> a chance to program what you dream about, there is an application for that. it worldwide experiment that may help you sleep better. >> plenty of blue skies right
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now, even though we're still seeing areas of lingering farm especially along the coast. so what does the rest of the we can,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, facebook users are getting their
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say in how the company handles personal information. they have one week to vote on whether the company should adopt proposed changes to their privacy and user rights policies. the changes would allow facebook to show people advertisement on
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outside website specifically tailored to a user's interest. >> mail office workers have more bacteria and their work spaces than females. are we really surprised? >> maybe little, i've seen your desk. >> the key finding of a study in offices sound when researchers checked several surfaces including dustups in computer keyboards and men's offices there was 10 to 20 percent more bacteria. researchers believe the bacteria can be traced back to people's mouth and scan. they say that there's no cause for alarm and were allowed to be disgusted. >> i'm too busy working. >> smart-phone to a lot of things these days. >> mother is an application aimed at shooing away mosquitos. the mosquito repellent application claims to produce a sound so high pitch that it is undetectable by the human ear and makes a sound that scares away mosquitoes. it has been downloaded by millions with high reviews however there is no scientific proof that it works.
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>> i'm willing to try it. i hate mosquitos. >> telephones to everything. what can iphone not to? >> walk your dog ... just saying. >> one day ... >> here is a transition, and it would be a good day to get out and walk the dog. it is going to be gorgeous day all across the bay area infected already is. check out the current temperatures out the door. seeing eighties already. 82 in santa rosa and concord. 66 in oakland and mid-60's right now in san fransisco. so your weather headlines, another gorgeous day across the bay area. sunshine for most and it will be hot especially in the inland areas. tonight a few clouds roll in with a similar story to what we saw today. coastal and a fog and a cooling trend on top of us this weekend. big changes ahead. the high-pressure system has been giving us warm temperatures and is now moving further east. this is where we are watching the upper level low that will
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bring us quite cooler temperatures all weekend long. even a chance of rain if you can believe that. unusual for this time of the year. just light rain as early as monday. your eyes later on today. focus on these mortgages thaw temperatures for this friday. beason south bay, 89 in places like morgan hill. where it would will heat up as the east bay. you can see the numbers, the orange and red colors, those will be the warmer spots. antioch in brentwood in the low ninety's. low ninety's in areas of walnut creek and upper eighties in places like san ramon and danville. these numbers are a little bit below what we saw yesterday but not by much. coastal areas, these will be your cool spots in the '60s there otherwise seventies around the bay, you can see 72 in sausalito and about 82 degrees in alemeda court. your forecast for the next several days. sunshine today, cooler by saturday and sunday and then a 30 percent chance of rain all across the bay area even though the best chances of the golden gate bridge on monday and then sunshine returns tuesday and
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wednesday. a quick note that we have a long party at the marina green if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend. temperatures in san fransisco in the low 60s. the guardsmen organization in san fransisco putting the party on, raising money for disadvantaged kids. as a check of weather. back to you guys. >> york mayor michael bloomberg has nearly everyone talking about his plan to ban large size sodas and sugary drinks. even house speaker is weighing in on the debate. >> i like mayor bloomberg. but, are you kidding me? come on. don't we have bigger issues to deal with other than the size of soft drinks? >> if approved, law would take several months to go into effect and be enforced. violators could face a $200 fine. bloomberg hopes that the ban would help trim new yorkers waistlines. the city's department of health expected to submit the measure to the board of health on june the 12th. >> the fda warning americans about buying prescription drugs
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online. health officials say that this week a fake version of the adhd medication aderall is circulating on the internet. more people are buying prescription drugs online because of the shortage of so many of these medications. the fda says that if you do buy medicine online, make sure the pharmacy is licensed here in united states and that a legal prescription is required. a lot of people would admit to using their cell phones too much. but a british psychologist says that you should use it more when you're sleeping, month after reports saying that it could give you a better night's rest. >> this is a dream up the but you can control the dream at any time. >> imagine your in a deep sleep and a virtual voice tells you what to dream? >> this is using social media to try the experiment. >> this british psychologist says that he has developed a smart-phone application that allows people to choose their dreams.
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>> that was the goal, to make the whole world had better dreams, and to actually sleep in a more effective way. >> the professor says that people have dreams only when they're completely still. the iphone motion sensor detects that moment and starts playing the chosen dream scenario. you could be on the streets of tokyo or flying over the jungle, or walking through the forest. jamie bird wanted to dream about being a super hero. >> i was flying around in an iron man sued and helping people as well. saving old people. i was quite happy with myself. >> jamie is among thousands taking part in the world wide experiment. dreamers report their results to the professor each morning. he says that he has received 400,000 reports in two months. >> if you years ago it would have been impossible to influence people's dreams and have thousands of people report their dreams on a nightly basis but now we can do it and it is not that difficult. >> while some applications are free. you may need to pay to
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personalize your dream. >> teaching kids in china about taking care of babies. >> the international hall late that hav,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the date is a . they came in early because of the warm weather in california. the peaches are coming out
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early. let me tell you that for this time of the year they are not that at. last year at this time we had a wet and cold winter so the peaches were much more smaller. they will get bigger and sweeter and less expensive as time goes on. when you buy it, this is what you will look for. beautiful colors all around free from any shriveling whatsoever and the bigger ones are the best. a very slight give to the touch but not too much. when you bring them home, on the counter. when i have that wonderful aroma is when you enjoy them. california peaches, in the market, let's enjoy it. i am your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i have to watch this one off, a little bit fuzzier. >> babies need to eat and sleep and they need a little love. >> the same thing applies to the giant panda. take a look at these young volunteers in china, they had a chance to see what it takes to take care of the big babies. they handed them bamboo shoots
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but had to wear protective suits when working with animals. they help feed them and play with them as well. >> they also had to clean up after the pandas. all part of a special activity for international children's day. >> kind of looked like an odder there. >> the kind of looks like your dog. that is his favorite position ... >> he came to visit today. >> she is not shy? >> no, he lets it all there to
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